Born in our kitchen and out of the spirit of providing real, natural nourishment to people who love delicious food with simple ingredients.
Our story began with two kids born a world apart. I (Tim) was born in Cologne, Germany and grew up riding mountain bikes and playing soccer on the outskirts of Frankfurt before moving to the U.S. at age 14. Susan (or Sue, as her friends call her), on the other hand, is a Texas-bred gal who spent her early years in the state’s panhandle. Luckily, as fate would have it, our paths merged during a rare Austin, Texas snow day while in college. Together, we now form the backbone of Mammoth Creameries, an enterprise whose roots stem from the day I woke up in a hospital bed to learn I had undiagnosed type 1 diabetes.

This diagnosis changed everything for us. Prior to my hospitalization, I hadn’t been one for diets. Frequently on the road for work, I never worried much about what I put into my body. Carb-heavy meals, sugary snacks, and, of course, beer (I’m German, after all) were all too common in my day-to-day. But with two kids at the time — we now have four! — and only 28 years old, I knew I had to make a change. Sue made sure of that! So I committed myself to living a more health-conscious life centered around exercise and eating well, adhering to the paleo diet before making the shift to a low-sugar, low-carb, and high-fat ketogenic diet. Sue, in her typical fashion, went above and beyond in helping guide me through this difficult life transition before eventually going ketogenic herself. She quickly became our household’s go-to keto chef, exploring recipes and dishes of all kinds. However, there was one thing she couldn’t find for our new lifestyle: ice cream.

Born in our kitchen and warmly welcomed by our innovative city, the positive reception and growth we’ve seen since starting this company has reinforced our belief that Mammoth Creameries is the gateway to a dietary independence that diabetic and ketogenic individuals are hard-pressed to find in today’s world. Together, we’re creating dessert that works for your body, not against it!
as a family of six with two teenagers and two youngsters, we know how paramount it is to have easy, convenient, and healthy options available at all times, especially when your kiddos have sweet tooths, with mammoth, you're guaranteed delicious, fully developed flavors -- not complex ingredients lists.
We are taking back ice cream for everyone who wants a delicious treat that’s sensitive to sugar-conscious diets and lifestyles. We’re the first true option for people who follow low-carb, high-fat diets, have diabetes, or want something with clean, simple ingredients that still tastes damn good. Regardless of your taste preferences or dietary restrictions, Mammoth’s the product for you!