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$64.00 / 8 pack

The MVP of creaminess & our #1 best seller, our Vanilla Bean keto frozen custard is as divinely delectable as it is quintessentially classic. But don’t let its name fool you — this is unlike any vanilla ice cream you’ve had before. Balanced, simple, and compatible with every topping under the sun, this sugarless delite puts grandma’s old recipe to shame.


Starting with our sweet cream base of heavy cream, grass-fed butter and cage-free eggs, every pint of Mammoth’s vanilla keto ice cream is churned with the highest quality pure vanilla extract and vanilla bean seeds. Great for keto dieters, diabetics, or anyone looking for clean ice cream, our vanilla bean only has 1g net carbs and 25g fat per serving.


Vanilla is the staple ice cream flavor, pairing well with fruit, whipped cream, toppings, nuts, or anything for that matter! Vanilla Bean is our top-seller at Mammoth Creameries, which in all honesty, doesn’t shock us. After all, the classics are often the most satisfying!

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Vanilla Low-Carb Ice Cream:

Amazing and creamy, the best keto ice cream. Really when you look at the ingredients you can see the difference. Quality ice cream without all the filler of its competitors. I am a fan!

I tried both the Vanilla and the Chocolate, and I really loved the Vanilla. It's got a great flavor and, in general, the ice cream is really creamy and satisfying and has the best texture of all of the keto ice creams out there.

Delicious treat! The ice cream is delicious, arrived quickly, and frozen perfectly. In fact, it took all night for the dry ice to melt. It’s truly “keto” and I’m enjoying it so much!




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