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As a part of the keto community, we understand how much our lives center around finding high-quality, convenient ketogenic foods. While making well-planned keto meals is a favorite pastime, we often don’t have time or energy to meal plan or spend hours in the kitchen. Whether you’re following a keto lifestyle for health purposes or to lose weight, having convenient keto snacks on hand is always a win. We’ve rounded up our favorite keto products in this blog post, highlighting some of our favorite grab ‘n go keto brands that kick those carb cravings.


Heka Good Foods

What the heck is Heka Good Foods? Great question. We’ve added Heka to the list because their mission is to make low-carb snacking easier, and that’s a mission we can get behind. They provide high-fat, grain-free bars and cookies that are made with allulose, a sugar substitute found in foods like figs with zero glycemic impact and almost zero calories.


4505 Chicharrones

Pork rinds are a staple in the keto community, as they are versatile enough to use as a chip substitute and can easily be added into keto recipes. We’ve added them to our list due to their commitment to use quality meats from small farmers that practice humane techniques. Additionally, their zero carb pork rinds come in plenty of flavors including, jalapeno cheddar, smokehouse BBQ, and el fuego. ¡Mucho caliente!


Fat Snax

When pork rinds and parm cheese crisps just aren’t cutting it anymore, Fat Snax comes to the rescue. They’ve perfected the perfect almond flour cracker - crunchy and satisfying without the carbs! Their crackers come in a variety of flavors and they also make keto cookies, with 0 grams of sugar. All of the treat, without the cheat!


Force of Nature Meats

What makes Force of Nature stand out amongst the crowd when it comes to meat? Force of Nature puts a strong focus on combating climate change, making sure they work with stewards, ranchers, and farmers that are committed to using agricultural practices that are environmentally safe. Their shop includes steaks, burgers, and ground meat - all staples for a carnivore keto diet. 



National Chocolate Day is around the corner, so we knew we needed to feature a keto chocolate brand on our master list. ChocZero provides endless keto goodies such as peanut butter cups, bark, and Halloween-inspired choco treats. They also use a sugar-free maple syrup and Madagascar vanilla beans, ensuring the highest-quality ingredients in their products.


Cut Da Carb

Listen, we love cheese in all its glory, but sometimes we are craving bread and a slice of cheddar just isn’t going to make the cut. Cut Da Carb is one of the more popular keto brands, known in the community for their delicious, low-carb flatbreads. Made with wheat flour and loads of fiber, Cut Da Carb has only 9g of net carbs and can be filled with your favorite meats, veggies, cheeses, and more.


Two Good

There’s something too good about Two Good yogurt, which is why we’ve included it on our list. It contains only 2g of sugar, which is 80% less than most Greek yogurts. Two Good comes in a variety of flavors, so breakfast never gets boring!


Livlo Food Co

Livlo Food Co. is a newer keto brand, creating quality low-carb snacks. They sell a chocolate hazelnut and cinnamon almond pecan granola, as well as brownie and biscuit mixes. Their mixes are so easy to use, even the most basic baker can master these ketogenic treats.



With an array of flavors like, Banana Beautiful, Lemon Boost, and Cookie Dough, it’s hard to say no to MCT Bars. These keto bars are packed with 10g of collagen protein which supports hair, nails, joints, and skin. Say hello to the glow!



EPIC creates keto products ranging from pork rinds and cracklings, dried meat bars, and chicken crisps - all alternatives to their carb-heavy counterparts. We love EPIC as a brand, but have to give a shout out to their MVP product, the Jalapeno pork cracklings. Made with pork skins, jalapeno, and spices, they’re a flavorful Mammoth fave!

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Can’t find Mammmoth in a retailer near you? You can help us change that!