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Ahhh, vanilla. Sophisticated and classic. Vanilla is the staple ice cream flavor, pairing well with fruit, whipped cream, toppings, nuts, or anything for that matter! Vanilla Bean is our top-seller at Mammoth Creameries, which in all honesty, doesn’t shock us. After all, the classics are often the most satisfying!

We know you’re probably thinking that vanilla is simple, but this conventional flavor is quite complex. It comes in different forms, flavors, and qualities — all bringing unique properties to the table. We know it can be confusing, so we’re here to break it down for you!


Quality Ingredients = Quality Food

Vanilla comes in three different forms - extract, paste, and bean. Vanilla extract and vanilla beans make up two of the seven ingredients in a pint of our Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Now there are also two types of vanilla extract - pure and imitation. Many products use imitation vanilla, as it’s cheaper than pure extract. It’s not as strong and can leave an intense alcohol aftertaste. At Mammoth - we decided to opt for the pricier, yet more delicious pure extract.

Along with pure vanilla extract, a pint of Mammoth Creameries Vanilla Bean keto ice cream contains just that...high-quality vanilla beans. Vanilla beans are long, brown, waxy pods that are full of flavor and taste. Notice the dark flakes in our ice cream - that comes from the bean!

At Mammoth, we use a mix of the purest vanilla extract and vanilla beans, knowing if we want top-quality ice cream, we must use top-quality ingredients.


Flavor Face-off

While vanilla is universally a classic flavor, there are a few types of vanilla that will provide different tastes.

Madagascar: Used within our custard, Madagascar, or Bourbon vanilla, is the strongest, most traditional, full-bodied of the flavors.

Mexican: Mexican vanilla is smooth with a hint of spice.

Tahitian: Tahitian is the most delicate of the flavors with hints of fruitiness and florals.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to vanilla flavor - it’s all about personal preference! Madagascar is likely what you’d recognize from most classic vanilla flavors such as ice cream, whereas Mexican pairs well with spices such as cinnamon, and Tahitian works well in creamy drinks.


Know Your Worth

Let’s get to the fun part, $$$. We know you want the best quality for the lowest price - we’re right there with you too! The truth of the matter is, pure vanilla does cost an arm and a leg due to a number of reasons. First off, 80% of vanilla beans are grown on the island of Madagascar. Over the last few years, the island has seen multiple storms which has wrecked thousands of plants and driven up prices to around $300 a pound.

Another contribution to the costly price is the fact that vanilla is a tough plant to grow. Vanilla comes from a specific orchid plant, the vanilla planifolia, which is the only plant able to grow these scrumptious beans. Orchids are also finicky plants that are a challenge to keep alive, which increases cost.


Is It Worth It?

To wrap things up, YES! When it comes to flavor and quality, pure vanilla is worth it. Imitation vanilla may be more cost-efficient, but it can be chemically synthesized from products like wood pulp and tar (ew), and it lacks the flavor of authentic vanilla.

There you have it - the complexities churned into every bite of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


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